Happiness is in your hands… what the square is all about!

Little things


For many Australian families, life is a continual act of juggling kids, work, family, hobbies, health…the list goes on. It’s chaotic, but it’s happy, busy, and full of love. And while we wouldn’t change it for the world, this hectic lifestyle can take a toll on our health.

Sometimes we put our own needs after everyone else’s. And the thought of getting in shape or improving our diet is overwhelming, so we just never start.

At Healthy Square, we are passionate believers in the incremental power of little things. Moving towards a healthier lifestyle doesn’t need to involve insanely restrictive diets or intense gym regimes. And incorporating small changes into your day means that you can fit them into the small gaps of time between activities and chores.

Don’t leave the kids out either! Changes are so much easier to make when they’re fun and the whole family is on board.

Healthy Square’s philosophy is based on what we believe are the four cornerstones of a healthy, happy life: eating healthily, moving joyfully, learning something new every day, and giving to others.

So let’s look at how you can incorporate Healthy Square’s four cornerstones into your family’s day.

1. Eating Healthily

Radically changing your diet overnight is likely to be difficult, overwhelming, and, let’s face it, it’s not going to stick. So a good way to improve your diet is to slowly introduce more vegetables, fruits, nuts, wholegrains, and healthy proteins and fats.

“But!” I hear you say, “at the moment the only thing my kids will eat is spaghetti bolognaise!”

Trust me, we’ve all been there.

A good way to improve this is with the secret vegetables! Cook your vegetables (make it easy by steaming or microwaving them) and then blend them up. Mix them into the sauce, and no-one will know!

And whether it’s burger patties or butter chicken, this trick works for a lot of your family’s favourite meals.

But what about when you’re on the go? You might be taking the kids to the park, and suddenly it gets to morning tea time. You want to get something healthy for both you and the kids, but the only thing around is a convenience store with lots of sugary, unhealthy snacks.

If you throw a bottle of water, some fruit, and a few Healthy Square bars into your bag in the morning, you’ll be more than prepared! With all-natural wholefood ingredients, 15g of protein, and no added sugar, a Healthy Square bar is a great choice to give you and the kids energy on the go. And the kids won’t have that after-sugar crash that makes them grumpy and tired!

Best of all, Healthy Square bars are so tasty your kids will think they’re a treat!

2. Moving joyfully

While a dedicated exercise regime has its place, when you’ve got a bust family life, sometimes that’s just in the too-hard-basket.

Increase your step count by walking the kids to school. Or, if it’s too far, just park further away and enjoy a stroll in the morning sun with your precious little ones.

If you’re at work, maybe take a brisk walk at lunch, or do ten sneaky star jumps when no-ones looking!

At home, joyful movement adds a lot of love and fun to family life. Put some music on and have a family dance party. Play outside with a chasing game. Spend some time on the trampoline. The options are endless.

Combining the endorphin rush of exercise with time with your loved ones. We can’t imagine anything better!

3. Learning something new every day

This is the time to get creative! Learning doesn’t have to mean reading encyclopaedias or making your children do homework for hours on end! Maybe you see a plant or animal in the park together. Take a picture and go home and look it up. Read and learn about it together!

You and the kids could learn some words in another language. Point at objects in the room and look up the words. Have fun trying to say them.

But maybe sometimes it’s just revising school level maths so you can help the kids with their homework!

4. Giving to others

This is such an important part of a healthy, happy life and often forgotten. It’s a way that we can increase our own feelings of happiness and wellbeing while helping others, and, at the same time, it instils important values into our kids.

Kids love to give! You and your children could participate in an organised event such as a fun run or bake sale.

Or it can just be the little things. Writing a letter to Grandpa, picking some flowers for a neighbour, it all adds up.


Try some of these little changes today! A healthy life is better when it’s with the whole family.