Healthy Square is proudly Australian owned and made. Our purpose is to inspire a healthier life for busy people and promote well-being for all ages.

Our story

As a busy Dad with kids and a full-time job, I had very little time for myself.  During my working hours I always struggled to find something healthy yet tasty to eat to keep me going.  I found myself reaching for sugary food which gave me an initial high but later depleted my energy and made me feel drained.  I was inspired to create a healthier snack option, and Healthy Square was born.

We believe that busy people should be able to enjoy healthy snacks that taste good

We know how difficult it is to balance the demands of daily life and make healthy choices as well. We have taken our obsession for healthy food and created a product that is nutritious, delicious, and convenient.

The incremental power of little things

We believe that little things make a big impact! We encourage busy people to take a break and appreciate the little things in life. Things such as caring for others, spending time with loved ones, reading a good book, or enjoying one of our healthy bars!

A Snack Powered by Superfood Ingredients

Our 50-gram bars are plant-based, taste delicious, and contain 15 grams of protein. We never add sugar and use our Cold-Pressed Process to preserve the natural goodness of the ingredients. We guarantee our bars will help you get through the day with energy, focus, and an appreciation of the little things around you. Our goal is to make healthy living a reality, one little step at a time.

Why a square?

The Healthy Square represents what we believe are the four cornerstones of healthy living:

  1. Eating healthily
  2. Moving joyfully
  3. Learning something new every day
  4. Giving to others

We are also a team of four! See the OUR TEAM page to meet us!