Are your ingredients sourced in Australia?

Healthy Square is proudly 100% Aussie owned and operated, and mates help their mates! Our aim is to support other Aussie producers by purchasing Aussie nuts and fruits where possible. But, as we know, produce is seasonal, and the Australian weather can be fickle! Because of this, there are times when we need to source some ingredients from overseas.

Do you use natural ingredients?

We do! But we get the concern. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a product is truly natural or just pretending. That’s why we have a clear ingredients list. No hidden nasties here! Our bars are all natural and packed with the good stuff. Have a read and forward on any ingredient-related inquiries to us. We’d love to help!

If I eat Healthy Squares, will I quickly lose weight?

We wish it were that simple! There are lots of different factors that play a role in someone’s weight. But incorporating Healthy Squares into a balanced diet can help with weight loss by keeping you fuller for longer. Health Square’s Bars are low GI (more on that later) and high in protein, which has been shown to reduce cravings and the 'starving' feeling.

GI – What does it mean?

It means Google It. Jokes! It means Glycaemic Index. The Glycaemic Index is based on a food's overall effect on blood sugar levels. Foods that are high GI are absorbed quickly so the amount of sugar in the bloodstream increases rapidly. This leads to a spike of energy that can be followed by hunger and cravings. Low GI foods release the sugar into the bloodstream more slowly, keeping you satisfied for longer. Healthy Square’s Bars are low GI and delicious. It’s a win-win!

Will my fussy eater kid like Healthy Square?

We know, the struggle is real! It’s hard to find anyone fussier than our own beautiful boys, yet they love Healthy Square. You should have seen the spark in our eyes when we saw them dig into a bar that’s packed with nutrition. The trick is to serve it like it’s a treat!

Why Gluten Free?

Gluten is the protein portion of wheat, rye, barley, malt, and oats and causes problems for some people. While a small proportion have a serious medical condition that causes damage to the small bowel lining, other people have unpleasant gut symptoms when they consume lots of gluten. You can have a perfectly nutritious meal or snack without the need for gluten. Healthy Square’s Bars are gluten free so that everybody can enjoy them!

Are nuts good for you?

Research shows that a handful of nuts and seeds each day helps you feel less hungry, while also giving you a good dose of healthy fats, protein, vitamin E, and antioxidants. And while nut-eating squirrels are hardly the most chiselled of animals, in humans, studies suggest that people who eat a handful of nuts five or more times a week do not weigh more than those who don’t eat nuts.

How is honey helpful to my diet?

Honey provides a delicious, sweet taste naturally. Unlike sugar and other sweeteners, honey has a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In addition, science has found that honey can help you recover from the most demanding of workouts.

Why are you bars softer than most other health bars?

You’re thinking about the time you bit into a health bar and worried one of your teeth may have come off? Other health bars are frequently very hard, which is due to the use of glucose syrup or artificial sweeteners. Our bars don’t contain any of those baddies, and we use a unique, hand-made technique to delicately bring all the natural ingredients together. This provides the moist, delicious, and full-flavoured taste you’ll love.

Should I share the love with my dog/cat?

Pets can be an important part of our philosophy of the four corners of happiness. However, you should share the love WITHOUT sharing any Healthy Square bars with them. Also avoid storing Healthy Square bars in a place where pets can access. While they are a very healthy snack for humans, they contain ingredients such as cocoa, macadamia, and others. These foods are not pet friendly and can cause serious health problems.

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