Healthy Square Family


We are an Australian family of four.

We hope to instil in our children the joy of helping others, sharing happiness, and expressing gratitude. We believe that Healthy Square reflects us and our values as a family.

We are honest people making honest products, bringing you a balanced and delicious snack that every member of the family can enjoy. 

Mark – Founder and Chief of Optimism

Mark Subaih


Our founder Mark strives every day to help others achieve their goals.  Mark’s background is in marketing and strategic planning, but the move to Healthy Square has allowed him to follow his true passion. Now he can help others be better, healthier, and happier, one little thing at a time!

Nour – Co-founder and Chief of Happiness

 Nour Alatari

Nour focuses on appreciating the little things and not taking anything for granted. She works in the health sector and is committed to helping others.

Nour is also an international karate champion!


Ryan – Chief of Pickiness

Ryan Subaih

We have some talented younger members of the team too!

Think of Ryan as our fun (and very energetic!) in house quality control officer.

When Ryan isn’t doing extensive product testing (he can eat down Healthy Squares like there’s no tomorrow!), he likes to wrestle with Dad, swim, and rock his awesome karate moves.

Adam – Chief of Cheekiness

Adam Subaih

Adam keeps us laughing every day as we continue with our mission to bring healthy and delicious food to you.

He might be the one of the chiefs, but he can’t go to sleep without Mummy’s hug. You also won’t find him in bed without Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and The Hulk!

Subaih's Family

As a busy dad of the Chiefs of Pickiness and Cheekiness, I understand how hard it is to manage a full-time job, be the best parent you can be, take care of your health, and maintain your sanity! Healthy Square is one part of the equation to get you closer to healthy living, one little thing at a time.